A few weeks ago I came across an Instagram account @jemhow. I read her story and my heart absolutely broke for her 💔


In 2016, whilst pregnant with her first baby Sadie, she was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer. She had it removed when she was 17 weeks pregnant, given the all clear and was told it was a very rare cancer, low grade and not known to spread or become aggressive

A few years later they were blessed with their second little baby, Louis. She quickly fell pregnant a third time after Louis was born, but at 35 weeks pregnant, she found a lump. She was fast tracked for an MRI and a planned section was scheduled to deliver little Betty. They removed the lump at the same time and sent it away for biopsy.  The next day she was sent for a full body CT scan, which showed a tumour in her left lung and three on her pelvic bones.  Just over 2 weeks later, she was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 incurable ovarian cancer

Since then, she has undergone 3 very intense rounds of chemotherapy, all while powering on and doing the school runs for her eldest and looking after her other two babies. Unfortunately her review CT scan in May showed new tumours in the pelvic area and pubic bone and she was given one year to live. One. Year.

She simply couldn't accept that. How could she with three wee babies?! 

Recently she's undergone a gruelling number of rounds of radiation therapy and is hoping to get accepted on to a phase 1 trial in Manchester

She posted on her page, asking for donations to run a raffle to raise money to help cover the £500/week (minimum) this trial will cost her family. I donated a gift voucher for Tiny Tortle but this didn't feel like enough. So I got my thinking cap on and designed an exclusive jumper to sell, with 100% of the profits going directly to Jemma and her family

If you're only going to buy one Tiny Tortle jumper in your life, please please PLEASE make it this one 🙏

Jemma is an absolute warrior of a woman, I have no idea where she gets her strength from and she absolutely oozes positivity

Please share this far and wide and let's get fundraising!! 🙌


Click HERE to go to Jemma's GoFundMe page